Benefits of Uber-styled Home Health Care Apps

The home health care industry is growing as our senior population gets larger and while demand for in-home care has increased due to COVID-19.  With the increased demand the number of Nurses and health care professionals has increased as well the need for coordination between caregiver and care-receiver.  Ingenious Uber-like health care apps have emerged to help home health care agencies compete for services and clients are given options for services at reduce rates as well

Much like the “Uber” app for mobile taxi-services, a user simply downloads their App, The user then  registers with a credit Card for immediate payment.  When a user needs a taxi serves, they logs in on their smart phone and find competing price options and accommodations that meet their transportation needs at their fingertips. Agencies that are taking advantage of these apps are recruiting nurses and health care staff to fill their rosters.

5 Benefits for Nurses and Home Health Care Professionals

Here are just five benefits for nursing and caregiver staff to seek out employment with agencies that use Uber-like apps in the home health care sector.

Health Care Professionals Can Work Out of Their Homes

As an employee of an agency that utilizes in-home health care apps, a nurse or caregiving professional does not have to travel to a facility, they can be dispatched from their homes via the Uber-like app, from home or their vehicles as the serve their patients on demand.

Caregivers Can Have Flexible Schedules

Over 2 million nurses are licensed but are non-practicing. Nurses schedules can be brutal. A nurse works long hours. Working weekends and holidays are mandatory. A nurse’s life revolves around their work schedule. A difficult work schedule and the demands of their daily activities and responsibilities can be a roadblock to fulfilling their life’s dream and ambition after the hard work required to obtain it.A nurse who works for an agency with an App can choose when they are “on call” A nurse can adjust their schedules to be available for their services on their own time while taking care of their own daily activities and responsibilities.

Staff Can Be Independently Contracted through Agencies with an App

A nurse doesn’t have to deal with an HR person at the hospital or health care facility, they are their own bosses and can work without someone directly supervising them and looking over their shoulder while the agencies handle all financial transactions with the patients who utilize the app.  All services are directly paid for through the app which allows the Home Health Care Professional to concentrate on the job at hand.

EVV Time Tracking Demo

Professionals Can Connect with Patients or Consult in Uber-like Manner

Home Health Care App can allow the nurse or caregiver to converse from their own homes or even from the road. This saves time and money for patient and the caregivers can help many more patients.

Certification and Training Made Available through Agencies

Home Health Care Agencies can provide certification services, conduct security background checks and vetting. A home healthcare agency can also provide training opportunities that help a medical staff to advance in their field.

Summary of the Benefits for Home Health Care Agencies That Utilize Apps

These five benefits only touch the surface of the potential benefits of working for an agency that utilizes an Uber-like app for case handling. Nurses and home health caregivers can work from their homes and on-the-go. They can work independently without direct supervision while the agency handles all of the financial transactions through the patients’s use of the app They can make their own schedules around. Their daily activities and responsibilities. They can communicate through the app with patients or other professionals. They can receive training and certification through their agencies.

Most importantly, it is an opportunity to enter an important and emerging field while fulfilling their dreams and career ambitions through agencies that utilize Uber-like mobile apps for hiring, training, case handling, coordination and payroll. 

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