4 Benefits of Value-Based Home Health Care Mobile Apps

A value-based healthcare system that compensates physicians and healthcare facilities based on the outcome of the patient’s healthcare treatment.  Physicians and providers are paid based on a patient’s progress and improvements in quality of life by reducing the effects of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and obesity. A value-based health care system benefits patients, health care professionals, insurance companies and everyone involved as a whole. Agencies that utilize mobile healthcare apps can make a value-based healthcare system even more successful. We will now explore the benefits outlined here, below:

Physicians and Healthcare Professionals See an Increase in Patient Satisfaction 

Health care professionals may spend more time implementing prevention-based treatment plans at the outset, they will spend less time in the long term managing long-term health problems. The focus is on quality of services instead of quantity. Patients seem more engaged and satisfied when the focus is on the value of the treatment and they see the positive progress and results. Even greater patient satisfaction can be seen by agencies that utilize home healh care apps by the efficiency that a healthcare treatment team can implement the medical treatment and recovery plan and can communicate and coordinate with a home health care app where the patient can take part in the planning as well.

Medicare and Insurance Companies Can Control Costs

The long term costs of treatment are greatly reduced as healthier patients file less claims.  Insurance companies and payers can offer treatment packages and pay structures for long-term care which provide quality and efficiency of care and positive medical treatment outcomes. Medicare and insurance companies already see benefits with agencies that utilize home healthcare apps and the efficiency the apps provide, reducing the costs associated with a home health treatment plan.

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Patients Pay Less Out-of-Pocket to Achieve Long-Term Treatment Goals

The costs associated with long-term treatment and care can be staggering. The efficiency of a value-based service can help the patient recover more quickly while also  preventing future health conditions and difficulties thus reducing the number of doctor visits and specialists. An agency that utilizes a home healthcare app already provides cost savings for the patient  by giving them choices of price points from competing health care professionals and transportation services.

Incentives for Health Care Providers

Health care networks which consist  of medical treatment teams are motivated to maximize the services available to a patient in a coordinated manner. There is incentive to provide the best quality of care which improves treatment outcomes and reduces costs. Efficiency is incentivized  and instead of volumes of tests and procedures being required, a focused treatment plan along with the efficiency of coordination between the members of the medical treatment team will streamline costs where everyone involved benefits.

Summary of the Benefits of Value-Based Healthcare Utilizing Home Healthcare Apps

There is an ever continuing improvement of medical  care through value-based medical systems. The benefits associated with reducing costs for agencies and insurance companies,  as well as incentives for working toward successful outcomes in care are paramount. However, the most important factor and the goal of everyone is the satisfaction of the patient through participation, successful outcomes and reduction of costs.

Home healthcare apps through mobile devices is the latest emerging technology in the medical care industry.  Technology, in such apps, is constantly evolving and it results in better medical services for the patient. Apps can play a major role in the successful outcome of a patient through the efficiency it provides and allows the patient to participate in real time with the planning and coordination of their own treatment.

Integrated platform apps that can keep pace with home health care consumers and their coordinators and providers can be found to be emerging and evolving in the provider marketplace. This competition amid growing demand tends to lead to highly usable and affordable apps to help meet home health care needs at a reduce cost to the consumer. Paired with a value-based health care system, there are only possibilities for the best possible health care outcomes.

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