What is Value-Based Training for Home Caregivers?

A value-based healthcare system is one that compensates physicians and healthcare facilities based on the outcome of the patient’s healthcare treatment. Home health care agencies are paid based on a patient’s progress and improvements in their general health and quality of life. A value-based health care system benefits patients, health care agencies, insurance companies and everyone involved in the process.

In the growing and modernization of the home health care industry, there has become a great need for organizing, sharing, tracking and compiling vitally important medical information. Efficiency is the key to providing the best possible care and resources for every home health care agency. Mobile apps have emerged as a vital tool for agencies as well as the clients they serve.

Forward thinking agencies that have embraced mobile technology have realized the efficiency that they can train their home health care professionals required in a value-based model.

The following information will help inform home healthcare agencies of the benefits of providing value-based training through mobile apps as:

Virtual Tools and Remote Access

Agencies are now providing training tools via their home healthcare apps. The demand for remote training options continues to increase as the Covid-19 crisis prolongs. Workers would prefer the ability to train anywhere with a mobile device. This offers great flexibility in scheduling as the healthcare professionals can participate in training at most any time and in a convenient location such as the caregivers own home.

Flexibility of Work Schedule

Often, training of quality home health care staff can hinge on the flexibility and agency can provide in scheduling. Nurses and other professionals can have complicated work schedules. Working weekends, holidays and nights are commonplace and their personal lives revolve around their employment. A professional who works or an agency with a home health care app can have the flexibility to choose training based on their availability. They adjust their schedules accordingly and also can manage their own daily activities and familial responsibilities. This also allows the professional to work and attend trainings independently without direct supervision.

Variety of Training Topics

A multitude of training topics are available through a mobile app ath the health care professional’s fingertips. A patient’s treatment plan is often complex, so being able to research and train on a particular illness or treatment before a patient visit can meet the requirements of an agency’s value-based model.

Multiple Languages

Today’s health care professionals are a very diverse group as well as the clients they serve. Training can be in multiple languages to cut across cultural boundaries.

Efficiency and Cost Savings

Much like the “Uber” app for mobile taxi services, agencies that utilize these can provide much needed flexibility for the home health care staff. Nurses and professionals can train out of their homes, acting as their base for operations instead of traveling to a central location to get their required training. Professionals can receive their training from their homes or on the road. Employees that provide transportation services for patients can be conveniently trained through an app based on availability and location. The costs of commutes and milage as well as lodging associated with training opportunities are greatly reduced an meet the requirements of an agency’s value-based model.

Documentation and Certifications for Training

Home Health Care Agencies can provide certification services, conduct security background checks and vetting. Nurses and health professionals are required to take hours of continuing education each year to maintain their licenses. Documentation of attendance to a training can be immediately available on a mobile app. A home Healthcare Agency can also provide training opportunities that help a Nurse or Health Care Professional advance in their field.

Value-Based Training and Mobile Apps

The challenges of hiring, training and retaining qualified and dedicated home health care professionals is a never-ending struggle and success is key for the future of an agency.

There is a high demand for qualified home health care professionals as there are hundreds of agencies competing for their services. The staff turnover rate is very high as clinical and non-clinical workers such as aides and transportation providers strive to improve their economic situation and search for an agency that offers the best pay, tools and work environment

Perhaps the key to hiring, training and retaining qualified and talented staff lies in the exciting and emerging technologies of mobile healthcare apps.

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