What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for HR?

As employers and recruiters of home health care agencies seek the best candidates in today’s competitive job market. Applicant tracking systems (ATS) have emerged as a valuable tool in storing, sorting and tracking prospective employee resumes and applications as well as successful job placement.

Over 75% of hiring agents and HR departments use some form of ATS, and 98% of Fortune 500 companies use ATS. If you are one of the 25% that do not have an applicant tracking system, you can bet that your most successful competitor does. An ATS just may be the tool that makes or breaks your agency or business as you compete for the most qualified and talented associates.

There are numerous benefits for a company or agency to utilize an ATS:

Hiring High Quality Talent

Many employers are seeking to hire several positions at a time and may receive hundreds of applications. Due to the ease of submitting applications and resumes via online, HR departments are inundated with unqualified applicants who are just taking a chance or who are meeting a some sort of number requirement. An ATS can sort through, vet and identify the top candidates for the positions being filled, thus narrowing the pool of prospective associates. Imagine having to choose from a pool of top-notch candidates to fill your valuable positions with ease. A state of the art ATS platform accomplishes that task with the most efficiency

Shorter Hiring Times

With the ATS identifying and initially vet top candidates, an HR department can move swiftly in setting up job interviews and streamline the process to fill the needed positions in a shorter amount of time. Often jobs need filled immediately and an ATS streamlines that process. Vetting and background checks can also be built into an ATS platform for further identifying the right people and weeding out potential problem employees.

Lower Employee Turnover

Through the tool of an ATS aiding in choosing the best candidate suited for a job, a natural consequence is lower employee turnover rate and higher job satisfaction as the employees talents are matched and maximized. There are tremendous challenges in retaining quality employees as there are hundreds of companies competing for their talent and services.

More Effective Onboarding

It is very satisfying for a company to have new employees “buy in” to their culture, ethics and philosophy. The use of an ATS identifies the top candidates with the qualities that best fit your company’s mission. If everyone believes in your company, your production is maximized.

Numerous Benefits on the Jobseeker Side

We have explored how ATS benefits employers through identifying quality candidates, streamlining the hiring process, lowering the turnover rate and onboarding employees. However, ATS can also benefit the candidates in locating your company through:

Applying Made Easier

Through emerging technology, applying for jobs online has been increasingly important among the tech savvy workforce. An efficient and streamlined application process for one looking for an opportunity and a good fit for them appreciates a company that shows their potential up-front through revolutionary technology.

Quickened Response

Perhaps the most frustrating part for a qualified job seeker is the time it takes to hear back from a prospective employer. Often if a candidate doesn’t hear back in a timely manner, they move on and the employer loses out on a possible valuable asset. An ATS streamlines this process and satisfies that need.

Hired, Working and Onboard Quickly

Time is of the essence in finding employment and paying the bills. The streamlined process of an ATS can get a candidate working and earning in the quickest amount of time.

Impressing the Jobseeker

Today’s talent pool is a tech savvy one. Up-to-date job postings, ease of submitting applications and a navigable website catches the eye of the most talented candidates.

Final Thoughts on Home Health Care, ATS and Mobile App Technology

Home health care agencies that utilize mobile app technology are at the forefront of the industry.  ATS is just one component of a successful agency that embraces  the latest technology. Mobile apps are part of that same recipe for success..  Communication, scheduling, dispatching, training, documentation and billing are just a few  of the benefits of this revolutionary use of mobile technology. All combined make for a successful and profitable home health care agency.

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