Virtual Interviewing and Hiring of Caregivers

As we continue to adjust and grow with the government guidelines placed on home health care agencies and businesses, utilizing the latest technology has been critical for continued success. The hiring of quality caregivers via virtual interviews has been embraced and could very well be the way hiring is conducted from here forward. 

A home health agency can find that a  lot of the same assessments that are made in face-to-face interviews can be made during a virtual interview.

What HR Professionals Can Assess about Candidates - Virtually

Candidate’s Professionalism

As in a face to face meeting, an interviewer can make the same assessments of a candidate’s professionalism. The candidate’s preparedness, and word choice can be observed. Did the candidate just roll out of bed for the interview? Or did they take the time to dress and groom appropriately just as if they were meeting in-person? These are just a few of the things that are basically unchanged in an interview

Candidate’s Knowledge

Just like in an in-person meeting, an interviewer can ask questions that can reveal the candidate’s knowledge of the agency and the job they are interested in as well as their preparedness for the interview.

Candidate’s Interest

A candidate’s enthusiasm for the position can be observed in a virtual setting as well. The ease at which they share their educational, employment and personal interests can be gauged. The important traits of a caregiver’s friendliness and outgoing personality can show through in a virtual interview just as in a face-to-face interview.

Due to the nature of conducting virtual interviews, there are often other other traits that an agency may be seeking that would not necessarily be observed in a face to face interview

Knowledge of Technology

The current need of knowledge for the use of technologies required for remote communication between a caregiver and agency is of vital importance. A caregiver’s ability to use a mobile app to provide proper documentation and review medical histories and current treatments for a patient is vitally important. How a candidate is able to quickly navigate the technology required for Zoom, Teams or FaceTime for example and their ability to overcome technical glitches or even signing in can be a signal to their potential aptitude in performing technological tasks.

The Search for Quality Candidates

Agencies often are often looking to hire several positions at a time and may have hundreds or even thousands of inquiries and applications received. HR departments are often over-burdened with unqualified applicants. An ATS can vet and identify the top candidates for the positions that the agency is seeking to fill and greatly reduce the pool of prospective caregivers. A superior ATS platform can efficiently identify the candidates with the most potential from a large pool of to fill your valuable positions in preparation for a successful virtual interview and hiring.

The Candidate’s Perspective

There are numerous benefits for a home health care agency having the capability of conducting virtual interviews and hiring. Virtual interviewing is the final puzzle piece in streamlining the entire   process of filling important positions with the highest quality staff.

However, there are two sides to this story. How well a home health agency presents itself to the candidate through the following ways and means:

Applying Made Easier

Applying for jobs online has been increasingly a part of job seeking. An streamlined and efficient application entices today’s workforce. A candidate is seeking an opportunity and the best fit for them and they appreciate an agency that shows their potential through their use of the latest technology.

Timely Response from Agency

Often when a candidate doesn’t hear back in a timely manner, they become frustrated and move forward to the next opportunity and the employer loses out on a potential asset. A streamlined hiring process from start to finish is of tremendous importance.

Impressing the Jobseeker

On the other side of the coin, an agency has to sell itself to the jobseeker as well. The professionalism that technology that is shown through the virtual hiring experience can go a long way in attracting the top talent.,

Hired, Working and Onboarded Quickly

A candidate is highly motivated and eager to start their work.The streamlined process of a virtual hiring process will get a candidate working and earning in the quickest amount of time.

Virtual Hiring is a Positive Experience for All

In the end, the goal is to find the best fit for the home health agency and the caregiver. The process of creating a positive experience with an efficient and streamlined process from application to virtual interview ultimate hire is a key to success.

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