Home Health Remote Hiring, Training & Retention Best Practices

The challenges of hiring, training and retaining qualified and dedicated home health care professionals is a daunting one and is key to a successful agency. 

The demand is high for qualified home health care professionals as there are thousands of agencies competing for their services. This tends to create a high turnover rate as clinical and  non-clinical workers such as aides and transportation providers strive to improve their lot and search for an agency that offers the best pay, tools and work environment.

Perhaps the key to hiring, training and retaining qualified and talented staff lies in the exciting and emerging technologies of mobile health care apps. The following information about mobile health care apps will help guide and inform the benefits of this technology. 

Communication Access with Administrators, Schedulers and Patients

A key component in the home health care field is communication among all of those involved in a patient’s treatment plan,  Success often relies on the ease at which a home health care professional can provide the maximum amount of service with the greatest efficiency. An agency that utilizes home health care apps can supply their employees all of the tools necessary for communication at the tips of their fingers thus making their service more efficient and perhaps more enjoyable and fulfilling experiences for the caregiver and the patient.

Access to Medical Records and Treatment Plans

A home health care app can provide ease of access to medical records and treatment plans to help health care staff provide their services more precisely and efficiently.  With all information conveniently accessible, a health care professional’s service can be a less stressful experience and they can concentrate on the care of the patient. 

“Uber-like" Home Health Care Services with an App

Much like the “Uber” app for mobile taxi services, agencies that utilize these can provide much needed flexibility for the home health care staff.  Nurses and professionals can work out of their homes, acting as their base for operations instead of traveling to a central location to get their assignments. Professionals  can be dispatched from their homes or on the road. Employees that provide transportation services for patients can be conveniently dispatched through an app based on availability and location.

Flexibility of Work Schedule and Home Health Care Apps

Often, retention of quality home health care staff can hinge on the flexibility an agency can provide in scheduling.  Nurses and other professionals can have brutal work schedules. Working weekends and holidays are commonplace and often their personal lives revolve around their employment. A professional who works for an agency with a home health care app  can have the flexibility to choose their availability and adjust their schedules accordingly and also manage their own daily activities and familial responsibilities. This also allows the professional to work independently without direct supervision.

Certification and Training Opportunities are Available for Caregivers

Home Health Care Agencies can provide training opportunities for their employees through their electronic devices.  Many hours of training are required each year for a health care professional 

in order to maintain their certification. These required training hours can be achieved through virtual training in the comfort and convenience of their homes. 

Billing Responsibilities and Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) is a verification system that tracks the home care service provider, the patient receiving the services, the services provided and the time and duration of the home health care visit. EVV is now a mandated requirement with agencies that accept Medicare.  The process is greatly simplified electronically through a home health care app and doesn’t weigh down the health care professional with additional responsibilities of providing documentation for billing purposes.  The home health care professional can once again provide the medical service with full attention of the patients’ needs.

Summary of Benefits for Hiring, Training and Retention through Use of Health Care Apps

The key in building and retaining skilled and valuable home health care professionals is providing a work environment where they can achieve their employment goals and grow with the agency that provides them the tools for success.  Agencies that utilize home health care apps allow their valuable employees to achieve the goals of their life’s ambition to help others with efficiency and flexibility.

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