EVV Software and Mobile Apps for Home Health

EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) is now required for home health care agencies by federal and state governments for all home health care services funded and paid through Medicare. Many are turning to mobile software technology to realize an efficient means of case handling for this new requirement. 

Overview of EVV and Latest Mobile App Functionality

What Is EVV?

EVV is a verification system that tracks the home care service provider, the patient receiving the services, the services provided and the time and duration of the home health care visit. While being a phone based tracking system, the technology has evolved to provide more detailed and up-to-date information. Information such as global positioning systems (GPS) which can track home health care professionals' location as well as the availability of digitized records and biometric data to efficiently track the delivery of services funded by our tax dollars and curtails fraudulent activity.

Implementation in the States

While many states are moving towards compliance, some states have yet to inform the public of their plans for implementation. Availability of EVV products vary from state to state as home health care agencies decide which model is best for them. Some states allow agencies considerably more freedom for their agencies to decide which EVV software is right for them while other states are more restrictive and may require that all agencies use the same model or service.

Multiple Approaches to EVV Compliance

There are multiple approaches to achieving EVV compliance. Tracking can be achieved when the professional calls in upon their arrival and then relay services information when they call to check out at their departure. This is referred to as “Telephony.”

For those home health care patients who do not have a home phone service they can have a “fixed object” or FOB that tracks the home health care professional’s arrival and departure. This is also beneficial to help track those professionals who do not have smart phone technology. However, the demand for this method will decrease as mobile technology is embraced by the public.

An internet connection device such as a tablet can be provided and placed in the home for the home health professional to sign in and out at each service appointment. This however can increase the costs of the medical treatment plan.

Perhaps the most efficient and evolving approach to EVV compliance is the implementation of home health care apps by the agency for use by the health care professional and patient. On most home healthcare apps, the EVV requirements for regulatory compliance are already included in the app for the subscribing agency.

EVV Time Tracking

The Benefits of Home Health Care Apps for EVV Compliance

In the growing and ever changing home health care industry, there has become a great need for organizing, sharing, tracking and compiling vitally important medical information. Efficiency is the key to providing the best possible care and resources for every home health care agency. Fortunately, EVV is already built into mobile apps which have emerged as a vital tool for agencies as well as the clients they serve and provide EVV requirements for compliance with state and federal regulations.

Current Medical Information and medical records access required for EVV compliance can be utilized and viewed through a home health care app by the service provider and the patient. One can access future appointment times, lists of medication and dosage and test results as well as past and current medical treatment plans through the efficiency of a home health care app.

Medical services paid for by medicare required for EVV compliance can be tracked through a home health care app. A mobile app can provide statements in real time for services rendered and billing with greater efficiency which can be electronically filed with Medicare and health insurance providers.

Many agencies provide Uber-like services in which a home health care professional can be dispatched and tracked using GPS. The costs associated with transportation to scheduled medical appointments can be reduced and billed by efficiently coordinating services based on location and availability.

Administrative Benefits of Mobile Care Apps in EVV Compliance

Medical staff scheduling software in a mobile health care app can reduce the time and management required to maintain a complicated schedule and the ability to make adjustments accordingly for more efficiency and cost savings for time that EVV tracks.

Health care professionals can be easily monitored for time spent at a location for accurate billing to medicare and health insurance providers.

Medicare and companies already see benefits with agencies that utilize home health care apps as the efficiency the apps provide reduce the costs associated with a home health care treatment plan.

Summary of EVV Software and Mobile Apps for Home Health

Integrated platform apps that keep pace with home care consumers, their coordinators and providers can be found to be emerging and evolving in the provider marketplace. This stiff competition amid the growing demand tends to lead to highly-usable and affordable platform app solutions to help manage a very difficult task and meet the required guidelines.

In terms of the mandated compliance of EVV, a home health care app should:

  • Meet the needs required by medical industry regulation
  • Efficiently track and simplify home health care patients case handling
  • Reducing costs associated which benefits everyone from the patient to the taxpayer.

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