5 Benefits of Mobile Apps for Home Health Care Patients

In the growing and ever changing home health care industry, there has become a great need for organizing, sharing, tracking and compiling vitally important medical information.  Efficiency is the key to providing the best possible care and resources for every home health care agency.  Mobile apps have emerged as a vital tool for agencies as well as the clients they serve. 

The following information about mobile apps that help guide and inform home health care patients of the benefits of the latest technology.

Communication with Care Providers

Perhaps the most important aspect of successful care and treatment is the relationship between the patient and their health care provider. Communication is paramount in this relationship.  A mobile app can provide vital and real time information between the doctor and patient to which immediate action can be taken. Often a response is immediate as healthcare staff are available to answer questions or schedule a visit at any time of day. Many healthcare agencies employ Uber-like where patients can subscribe for services where a health care professional can be dispatched and paid for by using a mobile app. 

Current Medical Information Availability

A mobile app can provide vital medical information at the tip of your fingers.  One can access future appointment times, lists of your medications and dosages, test results. Through mobile apps health care professionals can send reminders of upcoming appointments and medication refills. The health care professional can also have access to your medical information at their fingertips so that they can respond to your needs promptly and efficiently. 

Patient Medical History Viewing

Current medical information is vital to successful treatment, however access to past medical records is very important as well. Through an app, a patient can access past test information, track their past vitals such as weight, blood pressure, BMI and other key readings to monitor their progress. Once again, home health providers can have access to medical information to help formulate a medical treatment  plan based on current conditions and past medical history.

EVV Time Tracking

Apps Simplify Billing for Cases

To insure ongoing care, keeping current on billing information and  prompt payment is very important. A mobile app can provide up to date statements of services rendered, balances and payment dates. Through Uber-like home health care apps, you are provided many cost-saving choices and by subscribing the app service through a credit card, payment for services can be made immediately for services rendered up front. Agencies also work with Medicare and other insurances to help give the best price possible for the patient.

Arranging Transportation via Home Health Care Apps

Much like the Uber transportation systems, transportation services to and from medical appointments can be arranged through apps.  Often many choices are available as transporters are competing for your business and a patient can make choices based on the cost benefits available to them.  Scheduling transportation services can also be automated for regularly scheduled appointments. And again, Medicare and private insurances often cover these services or at a reduce cost for the patient.

Summary of the Benefits of Home Health Care Apps for Patients

Home health care apps through mobile devices is the latest emerging technology in the medical care industry. Apps are always improving and it all boils down to better medical service for the patient.  Apps can be used to communicate directly with a medical professional in real time. An app can be used to access past and current medical history and treatment plans for the patient as well as medical professionals. Home Health Care Appointments and transportation services can be paid for up front which adds much convenience for the patient and the agency.

Integrated platform apps that can keep pace with home health care consumers and their coordinators and providers can be found to be emerging and evolving in the provider marketplace. This competition amid growing demand tends to lead to highly usable and affordable apps to help meet home health care patient needs at a reduced cost to the consumer.

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